The Association for the United Nations for the french-speaking community in Belgium

The APNU is a non profit association, established under belgian law, independent from any political party, religious or philosophic community and any economic interests.

Who are we?

Initially, a group of belgian citizens familiar with the United Nations , willing to share the values of the U.N. in the framework of a “United Nations Association ”, similar to those existing in most countries of the world, and which was missing in  french-speaking Belgium. In the past, a united belgian association used to exist and a flemish-speaking association (Vereniging voor Verenigde Naties) is active in Flanders and Brussels. APNU is presently joining hands with its sister association VVN in order to act, whenever possible, in a common or complementary manner.

The Objectives

  • To increase awareness, in the french-speaking community in Belgium, of the United Nations and its specialized agencies, especially with regard to their respective purposes, activities, means of action and difficulties encountered.
  • To promote the principles of multilateralism and of international cooperation in view of securing peace, economic and social progress and the defense of human rights.
  • To keep track of the belgian policy towards the Unites Nations, including the negociations in view of common european positions.
  • To review the evolution of the United Nations, its affiliated institutions and its specialized agencies.

Why do we establish an association?

We believe that the participation of a member state to the United Nations should not be limited to its financial contribution and the participation of a delegation in its governing bodies. In addition, human contributions, including ideas, expertise, know-how and proposals, are  essential too. And this association is a way to stimulate and convey such contributions.

How can one become a member?

Simply by paying a yearly contribution - 25 Euros, limited to 5 Euros for students and less than 25 years old - to our bank account N° 735-0263618-78, mentioning name, adress and e-mail.

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